The Dissemination of ESPaR model is essential for it to become a common heritage and to be exploited in its full potential. This final phase of the project also involves actions on multiple levels.


Manual - The final manual is translated into English and French, in order to facilitate its dissemination in other countries besides Italy, and edited for an on-line consultation. - A substantial restructuring of the project website will be carried out, and it will remain active for at least two years after its conclusion. From being a tool describing the project progress, it becomes the tool to disseminate the model. All the current parts will be maintained, but moved into a separate section. Instead, a new section is created that explains the features of the model and allows the manual to be downloaded, along with all the material in support of the programme. The goal is to put operators of new centres under the conditions to replicate the intervention.


Final conference - It is held at the Università Cattolica and is the opportunity to present the project results and to promote the ESPaR protocol of intervention.


Promotion to stakeholders - Members of the Scientific Committee, managers of partners in Italy, and the representatives of the Participating foreign partners in their respective nations create promotion opportunities of the model with decision makers, and social private and public institutions. This is made in order to promote the dissemination and adoption of the model, also after the project is closed, by an increasing number of bodies active in the integration of asylum seekers. 


Final conference, presentation of ESPAR protocol and manual. Meetings at both national and local level: protocol description to political stakeholders and social public and private institutions, in order to create the conditions necessary for its adoption by those dealing with asylum seekers.