The Experimentation phase is followed by the Evaluation phase, which aims at understanding the strengths that make the model effective and efficient, integrating it with suggestions about what are the conditions that make it more powerful, and highlighting and correcting any critical areas that may emerge.


This phase consists of three actions. The first will consist in conducting interviews with workers, coordinators of the partner bodies and some participants to identify strengths and weaknesses of the model. The second will consist of a workshop, which will involve researchers, representatives of partner organizations and representatives of the Participating Foreign Parties. The aim of this workshop is to suggest changes to the intervention protocol, in order to make it more effective and efficient. The last step will be to update the manual according to what emerged during the workshop.



- understand the strengths that make the model effective and efficient;

- highlight the critical areas;

 - the final result will be a protocol review and the draft of the final manual, which will be translated into English in order to popularize the Italian experience abroad.